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Homework is a helpful tool.  It reinforces student study skills and provides time to complete certain projects which require additional time and effort.  Parents are urged to see that their chidlren have a place to study which is conducive to learning and where distractions are kept to a minimum.  The amount of homework each night, (study, written work, reading, research or memorization) is left to the discretion of the teacher.  The following time allotments are suggested for homework:  Grades 1-2:  20 minutes; Grades 3-4:  40 minutes; Grades 5-6:  50 minutes; and Grades 7-8:  60 minutes.

Each of the teachers have their own homework site.  Parents and students are encouraged to view the information on each of their teachers' sites on a regular basis.  If there are any questions regarding their site please contact them directly.

PrincipalMr. Ricman Fly email page
Pre-KindergartenMrs. Laura Kayda email page
Kindergarten AMiss Jessica Melphis email page
Kindergarten BMrs. Jolene Cramm email page
Grade 1AMs. Trinity Kane email page
Grade 1BMrs. Amy Sullivan email page
Grade 2AMrs. Lisa Farley email page
Grade 2BMrs. MaryPat Gruschow email page
Grade 3AMrs. Chris Hazlett email page
Grade 3BMrs. Betsy Reeder email page
Grade 4AMrs. Brigette Guyer email page
Grade 4BMrs. Erica Henson email page
Grade 5AMrs. Jill Brown email page
Grade 5BMiss Maggie Burton email page
Grade 6AMrs. Noreen Dempsey email page
Grade 6BMrs. Jennifer Kukay email page
Grade 7AMrs. Judy Mullery email page
Grade 7BMrs. Antoinette Oliverio email page
Grade 8AMrs. Kate Hickey email page
Math(5-8)Mrs. Machele Lynch email page
SpanishMrs. Ana Maurer email page
Dir. of Technology & Computer InstructionMrs. Angela Dolheimer email page
FrenchMrs. Antoinette Halabi email page
MusicMrs. Karen Berry email page
ArtMrs. Karen Richardson Griffith email page
Physcial EducationMrs. Monica Dils email page
Librarian/7 Language ArtsMrs. Rose Butler email page
Extended Student Care (CARES)Mrs. Tracy Hecker email page
Cafeteria Staff ManagerMr. Joshua Logan email page