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Technology is an ever-changing facet of the school environment. At Saint Patrick School, we strive to stay at the forefront of this expanding field.  Through fundraising, volunteerism, and a certified on-site network administrator, we are able to provide our students and teachers with an active directory network and computer education curriculum that spans grades kindergarten through eighth.

The Technology Lab

  • Windows 7 operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Educationally relevant software
  • Interactive board, projector, and DVD suite 
  • High quality printers for desktop publishing
  • A high speed internet, hardwired and wireless throughout the school
  • Math and language reinforcement software, basic engineering practices, problem-solving techniques, and typing tutorials

Internet Safety

Internet and network security is a high priority for our school and parents.  Procedures and technology are in place to keep student, faculty and sensitive school information safe, while still allowing the free flow of data throughout the school.  Saint Patrick School has created an environment safe for learning and exploring.  We require a Technology Safety Agreement for each student and guardian to complete in order to use technology on school premises.

Technology in the Classrooms

Each classroom at Saint Patrick School is equipped with at least three computer workstations.  Each is complete with internet access and desktop publishing software.  This allows the teachers to enhance their daily lessons with technology and allows the students to have access to computers on days they do not have the opportunity to visit the computer lab.

All K-8 classrooms are also equipped with interactive boards.  These interactive presentation tools give the teachers and the students a new way of presenting information, as well as adding a creative and exciting facet to the classroom.  Incorporating the instruction and use of technology throughout the school is imperative. Liberal access to technology allows the children to become comfortable with the equipment and reduces the intimidation factor that can accompany tools like computers.


Saint Patrick School is proud of our in-house publications.  Several out-reach publications, as well as student written publication is produced each year.  The curriculum is implemented and updated by the Director of Technology.  The students are encouraged to share their ideas, knowledge and interests with others in the classroom and outside.  The Green Harp is an annual newsletter to inform the parents, and the parish, about the happenings of the school.  

Television Studio

One element of Saint Patrick School that sets it apart is the Television Studio.  Built in the summer of 2002 and recently updated with Mac computers in the summer of 2011, the Clover Studio houses a fully operational television production studio.  Complete with an engineering booth and blue screen technology, the students use the school's closed circuit broadcasting system to produce a daily news program. 

Every school day begins with a five-to-ten minute news program, including a daily prayer, meeting times for specific events, daily schedules, sports reports and weather.  The Television Studio is maintained and managed by the Director of Technology, however, the daily operation is put into the hands of the eighth grade class members.  The students fills the duties of lead engineer, lobby prompter, telepromtper I and II, camera functions, meterologist, and anchors.  A rotating schedule ensures that the 30 plus members all have the opportunity to assume each role.  Each student takes an active role in the production of a news broadcast. Our blue-screen technology allows the students to produce a weather segment that rivals most local news stations.  Complete with projected maps and radar (borrowed from internet sources) and an animated three-day forecast, the students get a feel for the use of blue screens in the world of television.  Conveniently, Saint Patrick School is an Automated Weather Source used by local news stations like ABC27 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We act as a satellite weather station, which provides us with real-time meteorological data and statistics.  Incorporating this information with our news broadcast makes us not only effective in weather broadcasting, but provides the students with a real-life learning scenario.