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Top School Designation

Saint Patrick School is pleased to have been recently identified as a 'Top School'  by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY).  As the Johns Hopkins University program manager states, "It suggests you have a solid core of very high achieving students. It also suggests that you look out for your top students' best interests by encouraging them and their parents to investigate outside academic options like CTY.

Participating at high levels in the annual CTY Talent Search reflects upon the school's academic quality, student abilities, and teacher talent. It also reflects upon the school leadership that encourages students to seek out educational challenges beyond traditional school walls." According to school principal, Ric Fly, and the school CTY program manager, Judy Mullery, this recognition also reflects the emphasis that their students' parents place on education and the tremendous support they give their children and the school. We are honored to have our students, families and faculty recognized by such a prestigious program!