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Clubs and Activities

Saint Patrick School provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities for our students. We are committed to respecting the individuality of each child by encouraging them to develop his or her creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills. The many clubs and activities provide the students with a rich and varied elementary and middle school experience.  


Quiz Bowl (6th - 8th grades)

     (Mondays after school)

Math Counts (6th - 8th grades)

     (Tuesday's during lunch)

Math 24 Club (4th & 5th grades)

      (Tuesday's during lunch startin in January)

Ches Club (2nd - 8th grades)

     ( password:  Patrick)

Robotics (6th - 8th grades)

Buildology (1st - 8th grades)

Technology Club (8th grade)

    (every other Tuesday after school until 3:30pm)


     (Tuesdays after school until 3pm)

Student Council

       (2nd Thursday after school until 3pm)

Yearbook (8th graders) 

      (every other Tuesday after school until 3:30pm)


Altar Servers (5th - 8th graders)                                    

Peer Mediation (5th - 8th graders)

(2nd Wednesday after school)



Band (4th - 8th grades)

Choir (4th - 8th grades)

Drama (6th-8th grades)

Triple Trio (7th & 8th graders) 

    (Wednesdays during school lunch)


Fall Season:

Soccer Co-ed  (6th - 8th grades)

Volleyball Co-ed (6th - 8th grades)

Cross Country Co-ed (7th & 8th grades)


Winter Season:

Basketball - Boys & girls teams (4th - 8th grades)



Spring Season:

Track and Field - Boys and girls teams (4th-8th grades)